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We are a competence partner for processing companies for everything to do with windows and doors. With the help of our customers, we want to make living spaces more aesthetic, more sustainable, more comfortable, more functional and safer. We advise and provide our customers with the best possible service. In order to constantly improve the work of our partners, we offer system solutions and support them with our own brands. We are the partner at eye level for all companies in the window and door industry, building trade and security and service around the building.

In more than 20 years of company history, we can look back on an eventful past. Since it was founded in the 2000, we have managed to react quickly and innovatively to decisive developments in the market and to develop our company further several times.


The D GROUP International company has already experienced three industrial revolutions from the steam engine to the assembly line to electronics and IT and has thus constantly developed further. Today we are in the fourth industrial revolution and setting our sails for digitization and sustainability in order to position ourselves well for the future.


Acting globally and still being locally connected is one of our primary goals at D Group International. Local differences are important and require special consideration – that’s why it’s important for us to always be close to the customer, no matter where he is. Every foreign company continuously adapts the service, the product range and the pricing to these special needs and the respective market. Of course, we also observe all local standards of the respective locations.

The foreign companies are an important part of our large team – they also live the values ​​of our family company. Just like in Germany, the international companies communicate to all customers: fun at work.

We are a competence partner on an equal footing for all processing companies from the construction trade, the window and door industry and security and service around the building. We advise and provide our customers with the best possible service. In order to constantly improve the work of our partners, we offer system solutions and support them with our own brands

We work every day to make our customers’ world a little easier, so that each partner can optimally concentrate on their core competencies. To do this, we want to link our sales channels and services in such a way that we can offer our partners an optimal and digitized shopping experience.

​​Curiosity – Interest in the customer is what drives us. We always want to find the best possible solution for our partners. For this reason, we must continuously monitor the changes in technology, science and environment. This is how we always keep our finger on the pulse.

Cooperation – For us, the relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees mean working together and long-term partnerships based on trust. In order to explore and satisfy individual needs, an open and equal exchange is important. That is why we always focus on people.

Professionalism – We always strive for the highest performance for our partners. In order to meet this requirement, all products, services and processes must be designed in a highly professional manner. Whether product knowledge, specialist knowledge of the construction industry or digitization: our partners can rely on us.

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